For Caleb Rogers, Texas Tech is kind of a family affair. This is where his mom went to college, and it was the perfect university for him and his brother. Originally hailing from Mansfield, Texas, Caleb is a powerhouse Offensive Lineman and Left Tackle. Don’t let his infectious grin fool you – he’s known for being impenetrable to defenses across the Big 12. He is so respected by his coaches and teammates that he was elected team captain as an underclassman in 2021 (an unprecedented, but well-deserved, honor). One of his favorite moments as a Red Raider was the 2021 game against Iowa State. (It’s one of our favorite Tech moments as well.)

Off the field, Caleb can be found working out, watching movies, and being with friends. As a Dark Horse ambassador, he is passionate about something very specific: he wants to use his NIL to give back to the community that has supported him as a Red Raider. He would love to find opportunities to benefit kids in the Lubbock area, but he’s also holding out hope that he can land the chance to promote one of his favorite Lubbock restaurants, Jalisco’s (hopefully with our team’s favorite, the number 23 - Chapala).